Age: 42

Marital Status: Married

Occupation: Teacher/Real Estate Agent

Do you have children?  Yes, 4

How long did you live in Pomona?  I lived in Pomona from 1984 to 1999.

What brought you there? My parents found an affordable home to purchase.

What was the best thing about living in Pomona? I enjoyed people’s authenticity.  I enjoyed being in a place where I believed I fit in.

Where are your favorite places to be in Pomona?  I love the Pomona Fairground, the Grand Buffet in south Pomona, and Ganesha Hills.

What was the worst thing about living here? You always had to use good judgment when out in the street.

Can you talk about one significant event that happened during your time  in Pomona? The most significant thing was earning my college degree from Devry university in Pomona.

How did living in Pomona change you? It gave me a broader experience with different cultures.

How did you changed Pomona? As a teacher I am a public servant, so every day I’m making small changes that can add up to bigger changes.

Pomona’s city motto is “Vibrant, Safe and Beautiful”.  What motto would you choose for Pomona?   Embracing, Evolving, and Authentic

Any last thoughts you’d like to share? I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to experience life as I did.

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