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Age: I am 63.

Marital Status: Married

Occupation:  Realtor

Do you have children? 3 adult children

How long have you lived in Pomona? I have lived in Pomona since 1996.

What brought you here? The homes! The vintage homes are what drew  us to the area.

What is the best thing about living in Pomona?  The vintage homes and Lincoln Park.

Where are your favorite places to be in Pomona? Lincoln Park and O’Donovan’s Irish Pub downtown, I love Second Saturdays at  2nd Street. I love the LA County Fair, and I am very active in Pomona Heritage.  Among many places, Pomona Heritage is on the top of the list as one of my favorites.

What is the worst thing about living here? Homelessness, especially on the main drags such as Garey and Holt.

Can you talk about one significant event that happened during your time  in Pomona?   That would be when my home burned to the ground in July 2009.  My wife had opened up California’s first certified organic garden center. We had received permission from the city to both live and work there.  The home was a declared historic monument.  Our home had burned down while we were on our first four day vacation in ten years.   The fire chief had stated that the fire did 2. 5 million dollars worth of damage!  The fire had started over on Park Ave. and bounced around after that.  We chose not to rebuild because of lawsuits that took place and the way the lawsuits were structured. So then we moved into a beautiful Victorian house right next to Doak’s Cleaners.  

How has living in Pomona changed you? Oh my gosh, that’s a good question.  I have definitely  been much more community driven.  I am more active in my local community than when I lived in Orange county.  I feel like Pomona has a black eye that is undeserved and I am a huge fan of the underdog . I feel Pomona is worth fighting for.

How have you changed Pomona?  I was a founding volunteer of Pomona’s Historic District.  That has resulted in getting Pomona a lot more good publicity and positive recognition.  For example, this year will be Pomona Heritage’s 31st year hosting a historic home tour.  It is unheard of for city to have had a historic home tour running for 30 years.  Last year, I chaired the 30th historic home tour. I foresee continuing to to do this kind of work in the future.  Lincoln Park and Pomona Heritage are passions of mine! My next goal is to have Lincoln Park featured in the publication, “American Bungalow”.

Pomona’s city motto is “Vibrant, Safe and Beautiful”.  What motto would you choose for Pomona?  

  I’m fine with that one. 

Any last thoughts you’d like to share? I am very appreciative of all the real estate business people give me in the community. I am proud of the new families in the neighborhood that appreciate our community and our architecture.

.com plug:  Contact Fred for your real estate needs at fredvanallen .com


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