Age: I’ll be 42 later this month.

Marital Status:  Married

Occupation:  Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Do you have children?  Yes, 2.

How long have you lived in Pomona?  2 years

What brought you here? My husband’s job.  He is a pastor at First Presbyterian Church.

What is the best thing about living in Pomona?  There are two things for me.  First, I have appreciated my neighbors and the sense of community here.  And, second, I am continually amazed by the number of people who are committed to making Pomona a better city.

Where are your favorite places to be in Pomona? Is Bonelli Park considered part of Pomona?

No! It’s actually San Dimas. Well then, Lincoln Park, the actual park itself, the dA, and the Vietnamese restaurant on Indian Hill.

What is the worst thing about living here? Government corruption.

Can you talk about one significant event that happened during your time  in Pomona?   For me, it’s not a particular event, but more of a series of events.  This summer was meaningful for me because we were frequently able to open up our pool and invite people from the neighborhood to come swim with us.  I remember one particular afternoon when it was super hot and we opened the pool.  I looked around and there were all these little kids swimming around and having a great time. This was significant for me because it meant having a sense of shared life with other people, especially with other people who are different than me.

How has living in Pomona changed you? For one thing, it has strengthened my desire and resolve to see social justice happen.  I feel like I am more personally impacted by violence and poverty here, compared to where I used to live.

How have you changed Pomona? I have no clue.  Ha!  My hope is that we, as a family, can have a home that is welcoming to others.  My hope is that, through my involvement at Pomona Pres., I am helping raise up other kids that love Jesus and want to seek justice.

Pomona’s city motto is “Vibrant, Safe and Beautiful”.  What motto would you choose for Pomona? I honestly have NO idea.

Any last thoughts you’d like to share? I’d like to continue to put roots down in Pomona.  I realize that, both with work and my kids school and activities, that a lot of things take me out of Pomona.

.com plug: Amy’s favorite Pomona places are First Presbyterian Church, the dA, and AMOCA (especially during their Family Days).

Amy and her family

Amy and her family


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