Age: 57 years old

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Healthcare Consultant, Artist

Do you have children? No, but my 22 year old niece lives with me. And, I have three dogs – they count as children.

How long have you lived in Pomona? 10 years. I bought my house in May of 2005.

What brought you here?   I was renting in West L.A. and was ready to buy. I really wanted a vintage house, but it was the height of the housing market and everything was so over-priced. I had never heard of Pomona, but I found a 1921 craftsman home that I could afford in Lincoln Park and moved in on Memorial Day weekend 2005.

What is the best thing about living in Pomona? The strong sense of community. My neighbors and I hang out together and even vacation together. I have keys to five houses on my block and I know where they keep the liquor!

Where are your favorite places to be in Pomona? The Arts Colony and my front porch!

Cappella Palatina

Cappella Palatina, by Karen

What is the worst thing about living here? The crime and corruption in city government. The crime outside of the city government is a concern as well.

Can you talk about one significant event that happened during your time in Pomona?  No one thing stands out – lots of little, daily events do. Wine on the porch with neighbors, walking dogs at sunset, Art Walks.

How has living in Pomona changed you? I am a working artist exhibiting across the country because of living in Pomona. Artists and gallerists in the Arts Colony encouraged my work and volunteering at galleries taught me how to produce and curate shows.

How have you changed Pomona? I’m on the board of a not-for-profit gallery in the Downtown Pomona Arts Colony. We have contributed to the ongoing success of Downtown Pomona.

Pomona’s city motto is “Vibrant, Safe and Beautiful”.  What motto would you choose for Pomona? I think having the word “safe” in the motto makes people wonder why the city has to state that it is safe. Safe should be a given. I’d go with “Vibrant, Beautiful and Closer Than You Think.”

.com plug:  Karen gives an enthusiastic shout-out to pomonaproud.com.  Check out the site for positive local news and community events!




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